A woman owned business founded on the principles of utilizing best practices for business success.

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Strategy Two, LLC

Strategy Two, LLC is a woman owned business that was founded on the principles of wanting to deliver client-specific solutions, utilizing best practices to ensure business success for all our clients and maintain an competitive advantage within their own space. Whether going through tough employee relations issues, building policies and procedures, talent engagement plan, benefit enrollment and reporting, organizational changes, or workforce planning...we have got you covered!

We assist companies in all fields and industries that have limited to existing internal HR departments, providing them with key project deliverables on a short- or long-term scope.

Human Resources

Strategy Two, LLC is different. In today’s incredibly challenging economy, companies need to think more strategically than ever in maintaining their competitive advantage and securing the right resources to meet the needs of changing markets as well as shifting customer demands. Therefore, our business approach is tailored to all phases of the employment life cycle.

Our Employment Life Cycle Strategy

How we deliver

Our service delivery entails a project management flow ensuring all phases of the deliverable(s) are achieved by working cohesively with key team members and meeting set timeframes.

Our Mission

At Strategy Two, we strive to provide the best service delivery to our clients that will enable them to readily impact their people processes and ROI (return of investment).

We are confident that you will see our value-add to impact your business!

Female Business Executive

Strategy Two, LLC
One Stamford Plaza 263 Tresser Blvd., 9th floor Stamford, CT 06901

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